E-Portfolio Introduction

In a new post, which should be the last on your course blog so that it shows up first when readers visit, you will need to introduce your e-portfolio to whet your readers’ appetite to keep reading and actually get to the discovery writings, Black Schools Project, and mini-ethnography.  Use the following subject headings and write to persuade your peers and your instructor to read your work.  Write to directly address your audience and invite them to explore your blog.

About the Blogger

Who are you?  What are you about?  What is your connection to or interest in the work we’ll find in your e-portfolio?

About the Blog

Describe the different categories or tags that you have included on your posts (i.e. Discovery Writings, Black Schools Project, Ethnography Drafts).   What is the purpose of each of these types of writing?  How do they work independently and collaboratively in your blog? Are all of your blog posts polished, copyedited and meant for an audience or are some of them writing to learn or work out ideas?  Describe how readers should read different types of work and what they will get from them.

About the Research into  ________(subculture) and ________ (BSP)

What new insights and understandings about your subculture and Black education in Pitt County did you develop over the course of the semester?  What are you still questioning and wondering about? What do you hope readers will learn or see about the subculture you studied?  About the Black School you researched? What do you want them to know, think, or do as a result of reading your work?

An Invitation

Finally invite your readers to experience your work and enjoy your blog.


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