Discovery Writings from Textbook Prompts (300-500 words each)

MP #1: Web-appropriate product tracing the history of a Pitt County African American School prior to desegregation (MP #1, min. 3 drafts)

This digital product will be featured on the social network whose audience is the community-at-large.   You will want to write a clear, informative piece that is enjoyable to read and provides the reader a brief history of the school, a sense of what it was like to attend and/or work in that school and, if applicable, a brief biography of the person for which it was named.  You will want to include the basic details of location, years of operation, grades included/subjects taught, as well as other interesting facts and opinions that you uncover in your research.  Your research proposal will clearly describe your digital product, your audience, your purpose and the strategies you will use to create this digital history.

You will use both primary and secondary research methods to help you learn, write, and share your research with your audience.  You will be required to visit the site of the school at least once and take field notes at this location.  You will also interview at least one student, faculty or staff member who attended or worked at the school to find out about their experience as a student or faculty member and their thoughts about segregation/desegregation in Pitt County.  You should plan to record and transcribe this interview for uploading to the digital site.

In addition to the primary research methods stated above, you will use the internet and both the General Collections and North Carolina Collections at Joyner Library to help you find other sources that answer your research questions.  Our class is scheduled for an instructional sessions in both collections, and you will be required to use each collection and write annotated bibliography entries for each source.

Required Format

  • Use APA citations, both in-text and references
  • Title your work

Required Materials Due

  • Your digital product, posted or linked to both the social network & your blog
  • Draft #1, peer/instructor comments
  • Draft #2, peer/instructor comments
  • Audio recordings of a minimum of one interview, typed transcription, and signed permissions
  • Reflection

Evaluation Criteria
Your digital product should:

  • state and develop a coherent thesis answer or attempt to answer your research questions, ie. “What is the history of the Fountain Colored Elementary School?  What was it like to attend that school?  What was the school’s place in the community?”
  • support your thesis with data collected through primary & secondary research methods
  • triangulate data and incorporate appropriate sources
  • include appropriate multimedia including audio, images, and possibly video
  • be clear, engaging, and carefully copy-edited

MP #2 Ethnographic essay of 2000-2500 Words (MP#2, min. 3 drafts)

In this essay you will synthesize your fieldwork at ECU and integrate your research into one 2000-2500 word essay. This essay will build from all the writings and research you have completed during the term about subcultures. You will attempt to answer the research questions that have guided your fieldwork, such as “What’s the story?” and “Where’s the culture?” You will reevaluate your fieldwork descriptions, interpretations, and analysis. You will represent the subculture in which you have be- come a participant-observer and the informants you have come to know.
Required Format

  • Use APA style
  • Title your essay
  • Include Works Cited page
  • Use 11- or 12-point font such as Times New Roman

Evaluation Criteria
Your ethnography should:

  • state and develop a coherent thesis (answer to your research question) about the subculture you are studying
  • support your thesis with data collected during fieldwork
  • triangulate data and incorporate appropriate sources (primary & secondary)
  • include direct quotations and paraphrases from your interviews & library sources
  • identify your positionality as fieldworker
  • include vivid description of people & places
  • include analysis of cultural artifact that ties into your theme
  • use organizational techniques such as analytic section headings
  • be clear, engaging, and carefully copy-edited

Materials Due at the End

  • Your ethnographic essay, posted to your blog
  • Research Proposal
  • Draft #1, peer/instructor comments
  • Draft #2, peer/instructor comments
  • A minimum of two interviews & signed permissions
  • Fieldnotes taken on-site
  • Reflection

Annotated Bibliography Entries

“Reasons for Hope”


Internet Sources




PCS Desegregation Social Network Content

E-portfolio that consists of all project drafts (rough drafts, middle drafts, workshop drafts, finished drafts), peer responses (both to and from classmates and teacher), discovery writings, annotated bibliography entries, interviews, content from Social Network, and an analytical introduction


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