Achieving the Ethnographic Perspective

1. What culture are you a part of?  How could your professors create culturally-competence instruction?

2. Ask groups what is your objection to this event?  How does that event conflict with your values?

3. Analyze artifacts– Girls Gone Wild footage.  How are woman portrayed?  How do the subjects (girls) feel about their work?

4. To males, why are you here?  What assumptions do you make about Girls Gone Wild Girls?

5.  Interview business owners.  Survey.  Poll. Informal interviews.  Analyze artifacts.  What’s the economic impact of the ban? Are college students in favor of lifting the ban?  Is this just an assumption?  Why or why not?

6. Who were his parents? How was he raised?  Why are you working in this industry?  How did this become an option for you?


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