10 Ten Reasons

10. I was sick last week.

9. I have been having a lot of trouble posting on my blog.

8. I’m currently working on catching up on other assignments in other classes.

7. I’ve just been screwing up the past week.

6. I did not realize you would be thoroughly checking at this time – everything is done, but on paper!

5. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.  I had no idea that you didn’t have my blog link.

4. I do intend to, but this week i came down with a nasty cough, a head cold, and a slight feaver [sic].

3. Last week I was sick with walking pnemonia and today I had to go home because of the death of a family friend.

2. I apologize for not posting them yet, I don’t like to post unfinished work and I’m struggling to stay afloat this semester because I have large workload.

1. I broke the screen on my laptop more than a week ago and was embarased [sic] to show up to your class with no computer.


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